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Grand Opening!
January 11, 2019

1 hour left to Grand Opening!
We recommend you to download the necessary files before start, we've made some changes in patch.
Live patch / Updater

I also remind you that we have blocked the ability to change these files: interface.u / Interface.xdat / l2.bin
If you cant log in, run updater or download these files - CLICK

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Event: Medal Collection
Dear friends! we wanna brighten up your pastime in the game, and give you an opportunity to get small bonuses. So, we have a great news for you, new event "Glittering Medal" Roy the Cat will trade your Medals for a prize of your choice:     Give your Glit...
20 June, 2020
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Gondor is 4 months old!
Hello, I am proud to announce that Gondor is 4 months old with stable online and new players every day! I would like to thank all players and all clans for spending their time here and for the help they give us every day. We banned over 650 bots in total! ( Jail 400+ / SmartGuard 250+) h...
18 May, 2020
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Event: Spring harvest!
Dear friends! Now it's the time to summon and grow a Young Squash! Double-click on a Squash Seed or Cloned Squash Seed in your inventory to summon a Young Squash. Help the Young Squash grow by using Nectar on it. To do this, target the Young Squash and right-click on Nectar in you...
11 April, 2020
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